A Birth Story – B4


A lot of things changed with B3’s birth. We moved from a one-on-one parenting defense to a zone parenting defense. Yes, they had outnumbered us and that took a little getting used to. I went from working part-time to being a stay-at-home mom. But more than any of that our family was in the midst of transforming we just weren’t sure where we were headed. The next couple of years would hold big decisions for us, things that would come to define us as a family. We would question “normal” as parenting goes and would seek out instead what God wanted for our family. We would let go of some ideas that we felt like we had to live up to and begin to come into ourselves as a family and it was a wonderful feeling. I would see God greatly transform my husband, things that I’m still in awe of to this day.

We found out we were expecting a B4 at a normal doctor’s appointment. We would find out several months later that she would be a girl (although I would stay skeptical until I actually saw for myself). B4 was our second summer baby. She would also be a scheduled induction since all had worked out as planned with B3. She would come in weighing a little over 7lbs., by far our smallest baby yet. I have no idea what time she was born but it appears it was still daylight, I’m thinking early afternoon.

The boys just loved her, well they still do. They have come to learn that there are things that girls don’t like (bugs, masks, etc.). She has been quite a learning experience for all of the males in the household.

So as of right now, that’s it, that’s all of our birth stories. Every one of them has been such a blessing and I know that this little one who sits on my bladder as I type will be the same. He will come with his own birth story different than all the rest and we’re so excited to introduce him to all of you, ya know after we meet him first!

3 thoughts on “A Birth Story – B4

  1. Definitely know the bladder feeling! I’m thinking about you every day, I know your time is coming quickly! I hope all goes well, a healthy delivery and a healthy baby! I need to talk to my doc about baby weight. These posts have me thinking this one might be even bigger than my other 2 were. 8lbs and 9lbs. Wow! 10lbs!! I don’t know how that would go! Anyway, the Lord may let this one be the smallest yet!

  2. CASEY, we sure hope you have the baby very soon. i
    could not sleep good last night thinging ab out you/all. Keeping your family in our prayers. Love you and your family
    ,Gerald and FRANCES

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