Harvest Party

This year we had our first annual Harvest Party on Oct. 31.  Are we the only family that has a very large box of dress up clothes in it?  When B2 was a little younger it wasn’t strange at all to see him dressed as a ninja turtle or spiderman out in the yard playing.  Safety vests, chaps, cowboy hats, chickens, knights you name it we probably have it.  We set one restriction on costumes.  No masks and nothing scary.  B1 came as a hunter, B2 was a motorcycle man, B3 was a cowboy and B4 was a chicken.

We had a few games and a leaf ride.  I didn’t have any hay laying around so I had to make do with all the leaves.  We hooked an old wagon to the lawn mower and later I added a sled to the back so everyone could ride at once.  A little redneck?  Probably, but you should have heard the kids!  I looked back at one point and B2 was standing up in the sled riding.

We ended up the fun & games outside with a bobbing for apples.  B2 went first and got his pretty quick.  This is before we tore the stems off the apples.  B3 finally just reached in and grabbed his with a hand.  I went full in and showed them how it was done.  Uncle Ricky did as well.  It was a little cold out there!

We came in and did some crafts with grandma and judged for best costume.  Yep, it was a four-way tie!

No one got my nerd costume.  They thought I just got off of work.  Gee thanks!

Even grandpa got in on the costume action or is that his real hair?

The kids had a great time and I’m pretty sure all the adults did too.  I guess that is another great reason to have a big family, instant party just inviting your brothers and sister.  There is no doubt that we will have a 2nd annual harvest party as an alternative to Halloween.

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