Mind Dump…Whatever Day This Is

I took this photo about 5 minutes ago, with my computer, notice my new blogging buddy.  And if you could only smell his newborness through this computer, you would be in love as much as I am!


He enjoys being held and I’m happy to oblige.  We took some newborn photos of B5 last week.  I don’t particularly like taking photos inside, but I thought they turned out pretty good for our first attempt.  We’ll definitely be sharing those, just not today.  🙂  These guys decided they needed to get in on the photo action also.

Speaking of photos, B1 came in second place in a photo contest!  He took photos at an art display we attended a while ago.  This photo won second place, which got him a $100.00 gift certificate and a free canvas print of one of his photos.


Exciting right?  We’re very proud of his accomplishment and I have to say, he has a pretty good eye for taking photos.

B2 is at the orthodontist as we speak, picking up his retainer that he was fit for a couple of weeks ago.  I was hoping to avoid orthodontist costs for a few more years, but it was pretty obvious that he would need some early intervention.  I also needed early orthodontic care as a child.  I’m a bit nervous about him being able to keep up with the retainer, but I have faith that he will be vigilant with it’s care.

B3 is very attached to B5 and has been since before he was even born.  He was always rubbing my belly, talking to him.  It surprised me a little and I sure didn’t think it would last after his birth but he continues to be very interested in him.  He asks to hold him multiple times a day and he’s very loving towards him.

I’m making pasta with a pumpkin sauce tonight for supper.  I was able to watch a bit of Food Network while at the hospital and I really love pumpkin, I’ll let you know how it turns out.

And.. it looks like my time is up for now, have a great week everyone.

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