My Night

It’s my night to post so I choose this picture!

I know, it’s more me than B5.  It makes me realize the greatness of God.  Have you ever stopped to think about how truly amazing our bodies are?  All those complex things working together inside such a tiny package of 7lbs.  And to think, that little guy was growing inside of Casey for nine months.

Now he is here.  Experiencing everything for the first time.  B4 now seems like a giant compared to him.  It is great seeing how everyone is so gentle around him.  The looks that he gives you in the middle of the night or even the screaming during bath time.

Life is amazing, the One who gives life is truly great.  Enjoy life, make the most of it, not focusing on the temporal but spending time on the eternal.  Things that will make a difference long after our short time has expired.

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