Groundhogs and diets

We’ve had a visitor for the past couple of weeks in the yard.  The only groundhogs I’ve seen are on the side of the road and on tv to let us know when the end of winter is near.  This “little” guy has been snooping around the driveway getting ready for winter.  I’m pretty sure he lives across the street in some underbrush.

Last week he climbed a pine tree in our yard to get away from the boys.  I opened the door Friday for grandma and saw him running down the sidewalk.  We watched with one eye open today as he crossed the road.  B2 exclaimed, “I have never seen anything that fat move so fast!”  I asked him, “What about me?”  He came back with, “You’re not………fa…..t.”  Whew, I opened myself up for that one.  I was pretty sure he was going to tell me I wasn’t fast.

That brings me to a problem I seem to be having lately.  Does anyone else’s pants tear right above the back pocket?  Please say yes?   Three pairs of pants have gone the way of the trash over the past few weeks.  B1 interrogated me the other day on why I was wearing khaki pants around the house.  He then went around and told everyone not to ask daddy about his pants.

I guess it is time for a diet?  Sure…. after Christmas I guess.

One thought on “Groundhogs and diets

  1. David had two pair rip right down the middle of the rear end last winter, had to leave work to come home and change. Bless his heart.

    Pants, they are not my friend, and yes, when my kids start to play with my double chin, I know, it’s time. But Pepsi, it does taste so good.

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