Holiday Cooking

It’s almost Thanksgiving which means it’s time to pull out those cookbooks (or pull up the cooking websites) and figure out what you’ll be cooking this year for all of those upcoming family functions.  While I’m all for those timeless recipes that score big every year, I always start to feel a little daring this time of year and like to mix it up with some things I never cooked before.  It doesn’t always pan out, like last year’s really dry coconut cake, but it’s fun to try new things every now and then.

I have to admit this year I don’t have a lot of cooking planned for Thanksgiving, I’m going to milk this new baby/lack of sleep thing for a while still ;).  Anyway, I’ll stick with my usual cranberry dish, I love cranberries and can’t believe that some people can actually eat turkey without cranberry, and my newbie this year will be a pumpkin roll.  I also love pumpkin and just think that these rolls are beautiful.  I’ve read multiple recipes and even watched YouTube videos to prepare for this.  Apparently I have to purchase a jellyroll pan and some new dishtowels, but supposing I get out to do those things I’m hoping to make and freeze two pumpkin rolls this week so that they’ll be already ready for next Thursday.  Again, all of this depends on me actually leaving the house at some point, we’ll see how that goes.  And if the pumpkin rolls are a success then I’ve just opened a whole new door to the world of rolled cakes.  How about red velvet rolls for Christmas, doesn’t that sound exciting?

So let’s hear it what will you be cooking for Thanksgiving this year?  Old standbys?  New recipes?  And please if you have tips for my pumpkin rolls feel free to share.

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  1. Ha Ha, I’d like to know if I am actually cooking anything this year. I usually don’t find out until the week of Thanksgiving if I am suppose to cook a meal for Thanksgiving, and how many I might be cooking for! Makes life interesting! Last year, I made a whole turkey and used the left over carcase and dark meat to make homemade stock. That was the first year I did a whole bird. Don’t know yet about this year. I love to have homemade stock in the freezer for homemade soups, but I guess I will have to wait and see what the boss says about cooking or not!

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