We had to get our van inspected this week so we could renew our registration.  I still am frustrated with our inspection/registration laws, but that is another post all together.  Instead of sitting in the waiting area I told the boys we were going on a field trip.  I timed it so that we could drop the van off and then walk over to an auction.  They have a weekly antique auction, in a pretty large space, that starts at 3 in the afternoon.  Yes, I am a little obsessed with the picker and auction shows.  The boys had never been to an auction before.  I had only been to a couple before Monday.  I remember it like it was yesterday.  My dad took me and I thought it was so cool because he won some baseball cards for me.

I told Casey I wasn’t going to register when we went.  Why tempt it right?  If I didn’t have a number I wouldn’t even think about bidding.  I told the boys we were going on a math field trip.  We walked in and looked around at everything they were selling.  We only stayed about an hour because we had to go back and get the van before they closed.  We didn’t make it past the gun lots.  I don’t know much about guns, but it was very interesting seeing all the different kinds.  Civil War, WWII, German pistols, shotguns, french dueling pistols, boot guns.  The boys were amazed.  I don’t know if it was by the guns or the auctioneer.

Anyway, I highly recommend taking your kids to an auction.  B1 kept getting worried because a guy sitting in front of him bought a lot.  He thought the auctioneer was pointing at him.

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