Funny Things

Funny things as of late

1. I overheard David telling B3 yesterday not to let people lasso him, that’s not something you have to say everyday.

2. B1, 2, and 3 acted out a play for us the other night.  They pretended to hunt for stuffed animals and dressed up as Davy Crockett and his sidekick, perhaps we’ve been spending too much time in the house lately.

3. I made the kids do a kickboxing workout with me last night since everyone had been stuck inside because of the rain, at one point I threatened to play it over again as punishment if they didn’t take it more seriously, B2 said that would be “funishment”.

4. Our van has enough seats for seven people, in theory that would be just perfect for our family of seven, in reality that doesn’t take into account carseats so the unfortunate older child that gets stuck on the back row with two carseats is a little cramped to say the least.  I’m guessing that doesn’t seem like “funishment” at all.

5.  The strange weather changes lately have the kids all mixed up with their clothing.  We’ve seen everything from the shorts, boots, and puffer vest combination to the jeans, Crocs with socks (dress socks that is), short sleeved shirt, and winter coat combination.


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