Back to Work

Today was my first day back since the birth of B5.  Some of you have heard me say that I wasn’t looking forward to going back to work.  I’m sure this was interpreted many different ways.  The most common way was that I was looking forward to having to work again.  I should have explained it a bit further.  First, I am not anti-work.  Secondly, I LOVE my family.  I do not want to escape them by going to work.  Here is what I missed today:

Eating lunch with the kids on the porch

A hundred trips up and down the stairs to do the laundry

Laying B4 down for her nap

Reminding B2 to move his shoes a “few” times

Quiet time with Casey

Everything about school

All the teachable moments during the day

And the biggest thing brought a tear to my eye this morning.  Sweet B4 comes up to me when I was getting ready to leave, “Play tea party with me?”

One thought on “Back to Work

  1. so sweet and precious, I am so glad to have a husband who feels the same way about leaving us each morning. While working and making money are necessary evil in this world, he doesn’t like to leave, not many wives can say that. I know that Casey appreciates that you are that way, I know I do with my hubby!

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