Christmas Shopping

We have been out of blogging for the past few nights.  I say we, I guess technically it is ME!  One night had me holding B5 while he slept and Casey relaxed on the couch.  You know what draws you to sleep faster than anything in this world?  Yep, holding a sleeping baby.  Last night we watched a webinar from Hal and Melanie Young who run Raising Real Men.  Afterward we talked for a few hours before going to bed.  Can’t beat staying up late just talking. Love it!

We finished up our shopping a few days after Thanksgiving.  We did the majority of the shopping online again this year.  It has gone well so far.  Most of the orders came from  We also ordered a couple of items from Zulily this year.  Another great resource to purchase Christian Books is from Vision Forum.

What places did you order from this year?

One thought on “Christmas Shopping

  1. Hi friends. <3 You've been on my mind constantly! Yes, nothing puts you to sleep faster than a sleeping baby in your arms! (or a sleeping 4 year old for that matter) the boy still loves to snuggle with Mama more than anything else! 🙂

    I ordered a few things for David this year from Amazon but otherwise, I shopped major discounted sales on items for the boys throughout the past year! First time doing that exclusively for the boys but I finished before October for them! Yay!

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