We have been going through an Advent devotional series since the last Sunday in November.  Advent comes from a latin word mean coming.  We seek out these devotionals not only because it helps us focus on what Christmas is all about.  It also gets our minds and hearts set on Christ’s return.  The devotionals are short compared to what we have been doing, reading a chapter a day, but gives us the time to reflect on the magnitude of the coming of Christ.

Yesterday our reading covered the angel Gabriel coming to Mary.  I came across this quote concerning the enormous weight that Mary must had felt.

Take courage, young mother, you build more than you see.

I think back to the birth of Christ and the overwhelming and joyous feeling that brought Mary and Joseph.  Then I think how I feel as a parent sometimes, overwhelmed.  We’re not raising the Saviour, but we are building little ones made in His image.  We must take courage in the fact that what we are doing now is making a difference.  The world is not going to understand our decisions, friends and our own family may not agree with them, but we must take courage and comfort in the fact that we are trying to build something.  Something that is not focused on pleasing self or man, but a life that is based on pleasing Christ.

During this Advent time, take courage, take it in all things that you do.  He came as a baby in a manger.  Our Messiah did the will of the father for 33 years and laid His life down for our sins.  He rose from the borrowed tomb and we presently, eagerly await His coming again.

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