Monday Mind Dump

Overheard in the house tonight.  B2 was reading a book about the science behind rockets and asked me if I knew what something was.  “Really daddy, you’ve never heard of *insert term here?”  “No, B2 I’m not a rocket scientist.”  Oh how true that statement is.

B2 taught me how to play chess this weekend.  He beat me, I didn’t even see it coming.  Not sure if I want a rematch or not.

B1 has been into baking the past few weeks.  He made a pecan/chocolate chip pie for Thanksgiving after finding out from Casey no one was bringing one.  He also made a buttermilk pie last night, that I only got a small piece of.

I got to be a dessert judge at our office potluck lunch last week.  I think I missed my calling.  Can you be a professional food judge?

Also overheard in the house tonight, “The only thing I know about Niagara Falls is it’s in Nigeria.”

I do not know anything about the movie, “I bought a zoo”.  I haven’t seen a movie in forever.  But I think it would be awesome to buy a zoo.

Are our kids the only ones that can recall things that happened forever ago that I have forgotten?  I guess I am getting old.  It is funny to see the things that they remember.

B1 made duct tape ties for church last night.  He sported a red one with a snowman sticker on it.  He made B3 a bowtie which he wore proudly.

For the record I do not like playing the game, “Daddy, is that a man or a woman?” in the parking lot.  Casey had to get something from Walgreens the other day on our way back home.  We pulled in beside one of those redbox kiosks while she ran into the store.  Six or seven people pulled in to pick up or drop off movies while we were parked.  More than half of those sparked a conversation between B1 and B2 with me being the final decider.  It gave us a great opportunity to talk about a wide range of topics.

Am I the only one who would like to put their kids in blinders to take them into the world sometimes.  Between seeing some people, shirt sayings, bumper stickers, billboards, magazine covers, etc.

One thought on “Monday Mind Dump

  1. I thought we were the only ones who had to play the game “is that a man or a woman”!
    I would love some kid blinders to have at the check out counter. You wait until the magic day your kids can read, and then realize how nice it was to have them not be able to read all those shirts and bumper stickers!

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