And…we're back Mind-Dump Monday

So our break was nice but today was the day that our “normal” needed to resume and so it did, I guess. Normal is a relative term though because our normal can vary quite a bit from day to day but normal in that David was back at work and we were here doing our thing. We hope everyone had wonderful holidays, I know we did. Now let’s let the mind-dumping proceed.

– We were blessed to be able to purchase a keyboard for the kids for Christmas. B1 and I have been going over the lessons together (we also purchased a computer program to learn how to play), it’s been fun learning together. B2 and David are also learning the guitar together. It’s been a great bonding experience with the older kids.

– We had our annual fondue night for New Year’s Eve, I tried to tailor the dinner to fit more into David’s new eating program. Nothing special, just eat less and more healthy. But, we did eat fondue (in moderation of course), and it was yummy. Pictures to come later.

– Speaking of pictures we had 200+ of them printed the other day because we’ve not been so good about actually printing out the pictures that we take. It’s nice to see them in hard copy.

– If you’ve been around David and I lately you’ll be happy to know that we are still married even though our rings have been in the shop. It’s true, after 11 years apparently jewelry needs a little maintenance performed. We’re hoping to get them back soon.

– We enjoyed a lovely Christmas service and New Years Day service at church, such special times to worship in the Lord’s house.

– Our newest little guy has been sleeping 6-8 hours a night the last few nights and it’s been so nice to get some extra sleep. But I have to say it’s a tiny bit sad because it’s just another sign that he’s growing so quickly.

That’s all the time I can manage today but there is still so much to say about the holidays including some funny video clips, photos, and stories. It may take us a few weeks to deliver it all but we’re hoping to remember them so we can share. I’ve only got one picture to share tonight, it’s B3 before church. When did he get so big?

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