Reitred Words for 2011

We all have those words that we hear at work, home or just on the street that make us cringe when we hear them.  Last year I shared with you some of the words that I would like to see retired.  This year i put together another list of words that I would like to not see make it into 2012.  Here is a short list that may have some carry overs.

Using text language in every day conversation. ie. “lol”  “omg

Viral.  I have to hear this word at least once a week concerning web content.  “Can you make this viral?”

Epic.  That. Was. Epic.

A-Ha Moment.  Your voice starts sounding like Oprah in my head once you say that phrase.

I’m just sayin’.  This was submitted by my wife and I agree.

Thanks in advance.  Casey and I disagreed on this one.  She says that if she can say thanks in advance it is a convenience to her.  I guess I want this retired when used by people making requests.

You may think I work with a bunch of teenage girls from the valley based on these next words that I would like to see banned.

cray cray – Did you see that car run into a ditch.  That guy driving is cray cray. “Crazy, Crazy?”

whatevs – “Can you meet next Tuesday?”  “whatevs” I guess people are beyond saying whatever.

Totes – “Can you meet next Tuesday?” “Totes”  Replaced the popular 80’s term Totally?

What are some of the words and phrases you would like to see nixed from 2012?

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