Tears of joy, tears of anger, tears of sadness, tears of sympathy  we could go on and on with the different kinds of tears we have shed.  When was the last time you let the tears flow?  Men don’t cry!  Yeah right.  I’m not talking about watching Field of Dreams and getting goosebumps.  I’m talking about something that stirs your heart and even though you try to fight them back they come.  You don’t forget those times.  They stick with you.  It is like the tears are a permanent stamp to cement those times in your mind.

Individual tears are memorable, but shared tears are moving.  Tears shared with family members, friends, spouses or children.  One of our children came to me in tears after our devotionals last Monday night.  The innocence, conviction, concern and faith that were encapsulated in those tears were amazing.  The true tears of a child are so pure.  Adult hearts have become so hard it is almost impossible for some of us to go back to that place.  When God moves on our hearts and we know that conviction is upon us we can shake it off with no problem.  We have to come to a point when we can no longer stand the heavy burden and we are almost broke before we can give in to Him.

Thank God that childlike faith is available to all of us.  It is a great thing to be able to experience every day in our children.  We are supposed to be disciplining our children, but if we take the time we can learn so much from them.  Shared tears with a young one accepting Christ.  Nothing compares.

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