Lesson Learned

We’ve been blessed by having a large number of books given to us over the years.  Mostly books that we’ll use for school and some fun books for the kids to read on their own.  The Sugar Creek Gang, The Hardy Boys, Boxcar Children, and many other books that have been around a while but regardless of their age, they are good books as a whole.  We don’t visit the bookstore much for this reason.  The library we visit occasionally but the bookstore we try to avoid. I’m not really the kind to pay full price for a book that my “eager reader” will devour before we get back home from our nearest bookstore.  This Saturday was an exception.  When we gave the older three kids coupons for Christmas for special time with mom or dad, B2 received one for a trip to the bookstore with mom and a special treat.  Saturday he cashed in his coupon and we were off to our large chain bookstore about 30 minutes away.  As we made our way to the back wall of the children’s section labeled (ages 7-12) I prepared to search for an appropriate book for B2 knowing that I would likely be met with some options that would be very inappropriate.

Well, I was right.

I even had Focus on the Family’s Book Review search pulled up in my phone so that I could check out titles that I had never heard of.  This is where I would encourage you to browse this section of the bookstore the next time you are there.  Check out not just the titles of these new books but also the cover art.  Let’s just say kids are obviously not entertained by the things that we were entertained by as kids.  Most of the cover art looked very graphic much like video games that I see advertised from time to time.  But beyond that they all looked very dark and mystical.  The titles that I could find information on were not acceptable reading for my 8-year-old and possibly not for myself either.  We did manage to find some of the more classic books housed in the Newberry Award Winners section.  But most of these books already live at our house as school books.

We left the bookstore empty handed.  We headed to the nearest christian bookstore where we purchased a much more appropriate book for B2.  Then we had a doughnut, which tends to make things better.  B2 was happy, I was happy.  Lesson learned.

And here is an unsolicited plug for Focus on the Family.  Our older kids enjoy their Adventures in Odyssey series of podcasts and books.  They are perfect for kids 8-12.  Especially if trips to bookstores make you break out in hives.

2 thoughts on “Lesson Learned

  1. I know exactly what you mean! My Hannah can read a book in no time flat, I’m surely not paying a lot for a book! I do find some good ones at Good Will and the Thrift shops at times, and there is a used bookstore in Mebane that I like to go to, but you will be in there FOREVER because there are so many books to go through. However, because of my avid reader, I try to look for the books on my own. I don’t want her to see or read so many of the front covers. It is really sad. I even find this to be true at the library. This world is getting worse and worse!
    –I hope you guys are doing well!

  2. It is very hard to find good books for our kids. I find alot on clearance at http://www.christianbook.com this is one of my favorite stores and I am very comfortable ordering from them. They have descriptions and pages from each book for you to read before ordering. We also have a used book store here in WNC. It is big, but has a great children’s, homeschool and christian book sections. If you are ever near Asheville, check “Mr. K’s Books” out! 🙂

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