In Which I Pick Up a Pen and Other Things

The other day I started a journal. I haven’t journaled since I was a kid, it feels a little awkward. We’re missing so many things on the blog and I need to get thoughts, funny things, stories, plans, etc. down somewhere so, journaling it is.

The boys have been reading My Side of the Mountain so they’ve been outside the past few days (which have been lovely for the most part) grinding acorns, making clay pots, and pulling wild onions. I love how they get so immersed in the things they read.

We had our second annual “we got gift cards to the Great Wolf Lodge for Christmas” trip this past weekend. The kids had a great time as usual and us parents watched them like hawks to avoid any water accidents, which is really a chore with 8 kids between our family and my brother’s. We had one stumped toe that required a band-aid but otherwise we made out pretty well. B5 hung out in my wrap the whole time, he was happy. We went home with some free dark chocolate pretzels for being repeat customers. They are all gone, that’s all I have to say.

We’re in the midst of planning some rearranging of our schoolroom for next year. I’m thinking about giving the boys their own separate work spaces. We’ve always worked at a table together but I think a little change might be nice and we will be adding B3 to school next year and we have no more room at our current table, seems like a good time to make a change.

The older boys will be playing in a football game with David this weekend, they are super excited. They will also be making some derby cars soon, so they’ve had lots to keep them busy lately.

I got to shop for a baby girl recently and very much enjoyed it. There is just something about shopping for those newborn baby girl clothes. We are all excited to meet this little one, she is already so precious to our family and she’s not even ours!

B4 has started to relate everyone in our family to royalty. I am the queen, David the king, her the princess and so on. Her hair keeps growing fluffier each day, and her curls, yes they can be a challenge. She enjoys getting her nails painted at night, and she is very fond of chocolate. I haven’t a clue where she got that from.

B2 chipped a tooth this week, I’m pretty sure it’s a permament tooth. I haven’t Googled what I should do about it yet, I kinda don’t want to know. They were attempting to attach a wagon (with a metal handle) to a Power Wheels. Someone got a metal handle to the mouth, luckily he was wearing his retainer at the time, otherwise I think he would have broken the whole tooth. This is B2’s second chipped tooth. The first one was when he was two, it was a baby tooth. I keep visualling him as a thirty year old man with a bunch of chipped teeth.

Yesterday B1 asked me if I could pick up some manna at the grocery store next week. So, let me know if you see any on sale, will you? I’m also looking for a stick that will turn into a snake if you happen to see any of those.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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