Blessed Assurance

Jesus is mine…..

Before we burst into song let’s think of a few things.  I heard the question posed today, “After death if Jesus were to ask you why He should let you into Heaven what would your response be?”  I asked the boys this very question tonight and both of them had the same response.  “I’m not worthy.”  That sparked a whole discussion of our sins being covered by His blood.  We are worthy after we accept him to enter into Heaven.

Anyway, that was just a sidebar.  Blessed Assurance has been running through my heart for the past couple of weeks.  I sang it during devotionals last week and we sang a couple of verses of it last night.  How special is it when you have a song in your heart and you get to sing it during church?

A few words have really been sticking out to me lately, “This is MY story, this is MY song”

What does my story mean?  God has written a story for my life.  I am living the story.  Is the story I’m living what God has intended for me or am I writing my own story?  Nothing I do is catching Him by surprise, but am I living what He would have for me and my family?  As we go from day to day what is filling the pages of our story?  Are we simply filling up pages as filler or are we spinning a tale that is honoring to God?  Would someone reading our story even associate us a follower of Christ?  MY story is personal, it is not your story.  I will be held accountable to God based on my story, not your story.

Simple thought, simple song.  Deep thought, deep song.

Praising my Savior all the day long.

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