Quiet Moments

It’s those quiet moments in the day that I pray, and praise.

When I’m holding my little one close so close that I hear his every breath, when all is quiet that’s when He revels Himself.  Yes, life is busy and those moments, sadly, may not come everyday.  But in all of this busyness I realize that if it weren’t for the busy times the quiet times would not be so sweet.

Jesus, thank you for the busyness and the sweet quiet reminders of your grace, mercy, forgiveness, and love!



2 thoughts on “Quiet Moments

  1. Those quiet moments (when we get them) are so precious, they are the perfect time to be reminded of how great our God is! He truly is precious to me, and I see that every time I realize that He has just helped me through something else!!
    If we never had those “quiet” times, we may not ever see what all He does help us through, and that would be very sad, not only for us, but the One who did it all!
    Love you guys, and thanks for the sweet card!

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