Dear B1, On Your 10th Birthday

Well here we are again, another year gone by. I know to you these years seem to drag by but that’s not the case for me. It doesn’t seem like you should be hitting double digit birthdays yet. You were born on Valentines, a day of love and boy do I love you! I’ve seen a lot of growth in you the last year. That doesn’t mean that you still don’t act like a kid sometimes because you do and it’s nice to see those times too. You still giggle when I say goofy things, you’re not too old for that yet. You’re still there to give hugs and tell us that you love us, I pray that never changes. But I can definitely see that your maturing and truly becoming an essential help to our family. You’re handsome, like your daddy, and you’re a thinker. Last week you drank creek water. Sorry I had to throw that in, possibly you could have put a little more thought into that one. Maybe the mother-like thing to say would be “it’s hard to see you growing so fast”, but I’m loving watching you grow into a young man. It’s a blessing to be able to parent you. Keep growing son, keep learning, keep following Jesus, and keep loving. But please, don’t drink anymore creek water.



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