Mid-Week Mind Dump

Does Thursday still count as mid-week? Oh well here goes anyway.

-I may have mentioned a while back that I was considering some reorganization of our school room. We’ve always done school at one large table together but I’d recently considered giving everyone separate work spaces since we would soon be adding B3 to our school time. Last Saturday we found out that someone in our home school group was trying to get rid of some school desks. Long story short we ended up getting two school desks just perfect for B1 and B2 for FREE! B3 and B4 already had desks to fit them and we were able to cut our large table down to a size that is perfect for me to put my books on. I was very excited to be able to do all of this at no cost. That is truly an answered prayer!

– At this moment B2, B3, B5, David, and I are all in our bedroom together. B2 is typing, David is working from home, B3 is playing with army men, B5 is sleeping in his bed, and I am blogging (B1 is out on a birthday lunch with my parents and B4 is sleeping in her room). It’s actually very quiet. I love these times of being able to be close as a family even though we are all doing our own things.

– We had a three day revival this week at church that was a real blessing.

-The kids and I attended an interesting “concert” this week. It was a band from a rest home, they played homemade instruments. The average age of the members was 82 and they had five people that were in their 90’s. It was inspiring to say the least. The sweetest story was one of a lady who played the clarinet. Her husband (a woodworker) had made her clarinet for her. As the leader was telling her story she beamed with pride, it was obvious that she holds it close to her heart.

– B1 had a great birthday. Did I mention that he was still celebrating it?

– I’m feeling like it’s about time to get started reading a new book, anyone have any suggestions?

-Sounds like my time is about up today, everyone have a great end to your week! But first, you remember that show Baywatch? 🙂

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