Mission Statement

Today in a meeting someone recited their departmental mission statement.  It was interesting on a number of levels.  Firstly, I don’t think I have ever heard anyone tell me their department’s mission statement.  Secondly, the mission didn’t have anything to do with what their department actually does.  Are they striving toward something or completely off?

A number of years ago, in a previous job, I was part of a team who created a mission statement for our company.  It was a long process and the end product was probably the longest statement known to man.

I have read in the past of family mission statements.  This statement serves as a guide for the family.  All activities, events or other miscellaneous things are looked at through the eyes of the family mission.  Does it meet the criteria to uphold the mission?

We have thought about creating one for our family in the past.  Do you or your family have one?  Would you mind sharing?  Family meeting time.  It might be a fun process to see what the kids would come up with.  I think we will take input and pray over it though.

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