Bunnies, Babies, and Snow

In our great state of NC we don’t get too much snow in any given winter.  It’s pretty common though for us to get a couple of small snows a year.  But this year, we’ve had nothing, nada, zero in the snow gauge.  There hasn’t even been a chance of it for that matter.  I haven’t even bothered checking to see if all 4 of the bigger B’s had snow appropriate wear.  But, this Sunday night it finally happened. Yes, we got some snow.  A very small amount of snow.  But in the true spirit of childhood my kids would not let even the smallest snow go by without donning the snow gear, or lack thereof resulting in socks on hands, and pulling out the sleds.

Lucky for us, it doesn’t take much snow in these parts to be able to sled down the hill.

Don’t you just hate it when that happens.

Look I found a snow bunny.

Her big brother made her a snow baby.

But, the best thing of the day was the….

littlest snowman ever. Do you see it?



4 thoughts on “Bunnies, Babies, and Snow

  1. Yep, that is about the size of the one that grew in our yard too! I think it was a puddle by the time we were done with lunch! My kids were out in the snow at 7:30 am! I knew the snow would go fast, and they were ready to play so….

  2. Thanks, we are all well, but sure don’t mind the extra prayers!!
    Hope you guys are doing great! We have Revival starting Monday, we’d love to have you come.

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