Well Worth It

I guess winter has come and gone for the year.  We saw snow Sunday and Monday and by Thursday I think it’s going to be 70.  Projects at work have been building up but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.  I at least like to get one good snow playing day in for the year.  We got close to 2″ and it was going to melt fast.

I woke up early Monday morning hoping we would at least get a delay.  I checked my e-mail and there was an e-mail, but it said we were going to be on regular schedule.  I went ahead and e-mailed them to tell them I would be in at 10.  We are going to get out in that snow before it melts!  I slipped back in bed though.

A little while later I heard feet sneaking up the stairs to our room.  I shot up out of bed, ok as fast as I shoot that early in the morning, at was ready when B1 opened the door.  Before he could get a word out I told him he better run and get his snow stuff on so we could go outside.  I hurried and put mine on and went to get B4 out of her bed.  She first told me she didn’t like snow.  Then she did.  I didn’t listen I just got her stuff on as fast as I could.

We finally made it outside and B3 had already gone in because of the cold.  This was before he got the two layers of socks for gloves.  Sidenote, I thought I found him a nice pair of gloves to begin with, but it was two left hands.  That was just strange.  I wasted no time and got B4 on a sled.  She loved it!  Then comes the moment that made it all worth it.

I got on the back of the sled, she was on the front and we took off down the hill.

“I sledding wit my dadeeeeeeeee!”  She said it loud and proud with a smile from ear to ear.  I’ll never forget and it still warms my heart.

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