Bee Cereal

Are you ready to hear what B4 was actually saying?

drum roll please

In the words of B4 herself “I sed bee cereal”, interpreted “I said bee cereal”. I had just asked B4 what type of cereal she wanted for breakfast. She noticed David pouring a bowl of cereal (that was not bee cereal) and she was making it known that, that was not what she wanted (the bowl was for someone else). Not sure what bee cereal is? You know that very popular cereal shaped in an O, well is you buy the honey nut version there is a cute little honey bee on the front. That’s the bee cereal. Don’t worry we have since talked about how “I said” is not really the nicest way to start a sentence.

In other news, last week was quite a week. We’ve got lots to blog about, we’ve just had a lot going on and haven’t had much time to actually blog. This is a break week for us in school so hopefully we will get caught up with some blogging and photos this week, no promises but we’ll try. Have a great week everyone.

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