Meet Courage – A Prayer Answered (story by B1 and B2, photos by B1)

We have a furry friend living in our sunroom and we’re here to tell you the story of how he got there.  Last Monday during lunch my brother saw a black and white bunch of fur laying in the side woods at our house.  He called our mom over to investigate, she said it was a dead animal and we should just leave it alone.  Ten minutes later we noticed the fur ball was sitting up and looking around.  We called mom over and she went outside to investigate once more.

Once outside she saw that it was a kitten and tried to call it.  The kitten ran to our neighbors yard.  Mom came inside and told us the kitten was gone and we decided to go on a hunt.  We knew that our other neighbors had big dogs and didn’t want kitty to get eaten, we had to save the cat.  We followed the kitten to another neighbors house where it decided to hide in their carport under the lawn mower.  About that time our neighbor came home.  We nicely asked him if we could stay on kitty’s track and try to save it.  He said, “sure”, and that’s when the excitement begin.  Oh, and he let his big dogs out then too.

Kitty stayed in the carport for about an hour.  Our neighbor finally scared him out with a loud noise.  We followed kitty as he ran under two buildings.  Finally he stopped when he found a hiding place that was very difficult for us to get to.  Mom came out to check on us as we tracked kitty in the yard.  I climbed under the building and tried to grab kitty, but kitty ran again, this time into an old fenced in dog lot.

About that time our dad came home.  I knew our time was coming to an end, it was suppertime and it was starting to get dark.  Someone was going to have to grab the kitten, and my dad wouldn’t be able to fit in the small space that kitty was hiding.  I crawled under the covered area where kitty was hiding while my dad lifted it up.  I was able to grab kitty with one hand while my dad pulled me out by my feet. We put kitty in a box and brought him inside.  My parents thought he might be hurt or sick so we gave him a little food and drink and waited.

The next morning, my dad gave kitty a bath.  He seemed okay, but he was dirty.  My brother and I really wanted to keep kitty, but we didn’t know yet if that would happen.  Mawmaw called some neighbors to see if anyone was missing a kitten.  Mom bought kitty a litter box and he started using it right away.  We were able to play with him in the bathroom, but our parents didn’t want him running through the house.

After a few days kitty seemed very healthy, mom made him an appointment at the vet.  We knew kitty had to be tested for leukemia and we were concerned and praying that kitty would pass the test.  At the appointment we learned that kitty was healthy, praise God, he just needed to gain a little weight.  We tried letting kitty run in the house, but he kept hiding under the couch for hours.  We decided to put him in the sun room and he has been happy in there ever since.

We had been asking dad and mom for a pet since Violet, our fish, died.  They kept telling us to pray about it.  We guess kitty was an answered prayer.  We named him Courage.  This is why we have a furry friend in our sun room.

4 thoughts on “Meet Courage – A Prayer Answered (story by B1 and B2, photos by B1)

  1. Such a sweet little story. The boys are getting so big! I’m glad you now have a pet. Maybe he’ll help keep mice and snakes away like your cats do! They do make a great pet. I know my sister is cringing reading this- she doesn’t like cats! But some of us really do, even if they make us sneeze!:) (love you Becca:))

  2. Beautiful kitty,I also have tuxcedo cat.She also was left at my house. I have enjoyed her .Her name is Miss wrote a good story.Your Mom and Dad are doing a great job teaching you.I am your Dad’s aunt Carrie

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