Friday! Friday!

Friday is always a good day, right?  It is the end of the week.  You always look forward to Friday.  So tonight I’m asking a simple question.

What is your favorite thing about Friday?

Mine is easy.  I get to eat lunch with my lovely wife and B5 on Fridays.

4 thoughts on “Friday! Friday!

  1. Friday is typically a time for us to catch up and wind down as a family. Looser bedtime rules, fun(er) foods to eat for supper, and just all around a time to recharge!

  2. Wow, Fridays are our best day/night of the week. We always eat pizza and wings while we watch a family show together. Usually the Waltons or Little House on the Prairie. After the girls are in bed me and daddy get to watch a movie. It really is special for us, and if for some reason we aren’t able to do our Friday night tradition, we absolutely MUST do it on Saturday night. Funny how the little things we start in our family always find a way to happen each Friday! The kids (and daddy) don’t do well with a change of menu EVER for this night ! They are so funny!

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