Let's Play Catch Up

As you may have noticed our posts still aren’t coming quite as regularly as they have in the past.  So I thought a post about what’s been going on here lately was called for.

– We had our last day of school last Friday, I know crazy isn’t it, but we did indeed hit the 180 day mark and are now officially taking a break.  It just worked out that way this year that we would end up with a rather large break even though we school year-round.  We didn’t take many breaks early in the school year because it was a baby year and since they can be somewhat unexpected, we wanted to have some extra time built up.  Ends up we started school back right after B5 was born and instead of taking lots of breaks later in the year we choose to finish up and then take a larger break.  Of course you didn’t actually think we would take a true, no-school-whatsoever-break right?  We’re just taking some time to do some fun things that are hard to work into our normal schedule.  We’re doing some crafts, experiments, fun reading, games, nature studies, etc.  We’re just not calling it “school”, so the kids are certain to enjoy it.  We will start back up at the end of May, before the traditional schools even get out for the summer.

– David had some minor surgery last week to remove some extra tissue from some moles he had removed.  We’re praising the results today since they said that the remaining tissue looks all clear.  He will head back in, in a couple of weeks to have one more removed.

– B2 won 3rd place in a local elementary writing contest.  He’s very excited and we will attend a ceremony in a few weeks.

– B2 also had great success with his retainer to fix his cross bite.  The teeth have been moved right into place, now if he can keep from breaking anymore teeth that will be nice.

– B3 has learned to ride his bike with training wheels.  He’s ecstatic now to be able to go on bike rides with his older brothers.

– B5 turned 5 months old today.  He’s eating his rice cereal and growing up so quickly.  He says dadadadada anytime his eyes are open and smiles all the time.  Such a joy and a blessing that little guy is!

Well, I got you somewhat caught up, but for now my little guy calls.  Have a great week everyone!

4 thoughts on “Let's Play Catch Up

  1. Time is going by too fast! I still need to work out a date for us girls soon. Praise the Lord for the path coming back all clear! Love you so much!

  2. Hi there! How long do you guys do school each day? We are dong year round this year, and I am just wondering if I am doing school long enough each day. I don’t know what is enough?? Do you?
    Glad you are all doing well!

  3. Yes Becca we need to play a girls date.

    As far as direct student teacher time we are at about 3 hours a day, honestly that’s all that I can expect my little ones to work quietly so that their older brothers can do what they need to do. But, it’s so hard to figure school time because they spend afternoons outside exploring, we may be doing art, music time, reading etc. I’m sure you’re spending plenty of time doing school and NC law doesn’t require a certain time each day. I guess what I’m saying is my kids, like yours I’m sure are learning all day long even though they are not sitting in a school desk. 🙂

  4. You’re right, they are learning all day in some way or another. I guess I just wonder if “school book time” is enough, but it sounds like we do the same thing for “school” and the law isn’t really clear, so we will just keep plugging away!
    Strawberries will be in soon, sounds like a good excuse to take a field trip to me!!

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