One Day They Will Understand

We have this little girl.

She’s the perfect mix of sugar and spice. She has four rather loud brothers.  But, she’s not often overlooked, overshadowed, or overcome by their large personalities.  Nope, she has her own.  She wants to be a princess.  She loves to accessorize.  She doesn’t always understand why boys like things like bugs, dirt, and camouflage.  She takes care of her babies, she plays with her dollhouse, and she likes pink.

Sometimes she can be a little emotional.  The boys don’t understand.  The boys are not too emotional, this girl, she puzzles them.  They do things for her like help find her shoes, or put her necklace on, or go to the car searching for her sunglasses.

All I can say is that one day they will understand.

One thought on “One Day They Will Understand

  1. Today she and I planted flowers. With a slight chill in the air, I insisted she wear a long sleeved shirt over her dress. She kept telling me it didn’t fit. Little did I know that she was trying to inform me that the camouflage shirt did not fit with the rest of her outfit.
    Then her older brother told her that she would be in the princess army with pink camouflage helicopters. That seemed to satisfy her just fine. I just love them!

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