Mind Dump Monday – Kids Eat Free

– Tonight we went out to eat.  That’s a pretty big deal for us.  The last time we remember going out to eat inside of a restaurant as a family was right after B5 was born.  He’s five months old now.  We had coupons for free kids meals, what can I say, that’s also what we had 5 months ago.  It was nice though because we don’t do it very often and it makes it more special when we do.

– Tonight I didn’t have to wash dishes, and that was the best!

– Easter was great, we were able to spend the whole day together as a family.

– We painted egg cartons a couple of weeks ago to use for our resurrection eggs, the kids were so eager every night to open their eggs.  It was the first year that we’ve made them and it was fun we will definitely do it again.

– We celebrated Easter with some of our family last weekend, it was raining, we hid eggs in the driveway.

– These guys didn’t care.  What do you think, do all of these cousins favor each other?

– I captured this sky photo that same day, I like it, I’m just not sure why.

– I’ve been busy making lesson plans for next school year.  Tonight I stopped on week 7, only 29 more to go.

– B5 has slept through the night the past two nights, it’s nice to get the sleep, yet bittersweet because my baby is growing up.

– I could just cover him with kisses all day, and he has the cutest little chin dimple.  And yes, my mom looks way too young to be a grandmother.

– Hopefully David can find some time to blog soon, in his defense he’s been super busy at night with some freelance work he’s doing.

Have a great week!



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