Oh, The Things We'll Say

– Please close your mouth and eat.

– Stop rubbing yourself on the cat.

– He didn’t mean to slobber on your sunglasses.

– Just let the cat eat it.

– That does not look safe.

– Because those belong in the creek, not our house.

– Because when you smile like that you look like you’re in pain.

– I don’t think the man was really thinking about stealing you.

– Just wipe the baby pee off of the book!

– Who painted the baby’s head with nail polish

How about you, what have you said to your children lately?

3 thoughts on “Oh, The Things We'll Say

  1. No, you can only have one vitamin a day.
    No, it’s to cold outside you can’t go throw rocks in the creek
    Why do you insist on peeing off the deck?
    No, I will not go fast in the car….

  2. Ah yes that reminds me of the one I’ve said so many times.
    Because I’m not trying to race with the car beside of us.

  3. Yes, please take your vitamin!
    Put the grasshoppers and caterpillars back outside!
    Put your face in your pocket.
    Hold over your plate.
    Don’t be so dramatic!!
    Blow your nose!
    The man is only kidding about buying your brother.
    Leave the baby’s face and head alone.
    It is only pee, not poop so just throw the diaper away!
    Oh, they are endless, and some are way more funny, but the brain isn’t functioning properly right, must be the screaming baby??

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