Monday Mind Dump

Chic Fila Sauce – that is all

I’m done with doctors for awhile.  I went for a physical and blood work last week.  That was the first time in twelve years that I have been to the doctor.  I would be ok with waiting another 12 years to go back.

Last tests came back good as well! Praise God!

I love my wife!

It’s spring time and with this wonderful weather comes the dreaded yard work.

This crazy cat doesn’t calm down at night.  He likes to hunch his back and hop sideways on all fours all the way across the room at me.

The beach trip has been scheduled!  Everyone had their questions about the place we were staying.  The most important one came from B3.  “Does it have a parking garage?”

Don’t forget to vote this year.  Make sure you read the ballot correctly.  Early voting starts Thursday.

We had a missionary family at our church last night from Romania.  They had a young adopted daughter who was autistic that sang The Old Rugged Cross.  She has a brain tumor and they are waiting for her citizenship to go through before she can have surgery.  Please keep her and the family in your prayers.

I’m sad to see the boys grow, but I know it is a necessity.  We might as well enjoy it right?  This includes giving them tasks like grinding stumps and washing cars.

I was carrying B4 to get her shower the other night.  Everyone was sitting on the bed when I picked her up and she gave them a look and said quietly, “Hey, you wanna fight?”

I guess a princess needs to know how to take care of herself.

B3 and B4 were playing ball the other night.  B3 announced that they were now playing dodge ball.  “Hey B4, I’m going to dodge you with they ball!”

We have gotten to Romans, one of my favorite books of the Bible in our family Bible reading.

Have a great week!

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