Wrong Decade?

The question continues to pop up from time to time.  After reading the paper, which I try to stay away from most day, it is clear.  I get my news from the sources I choose.  After interacting with people it is clear.  After watching tv for a short period of time it is clear.  After flipping through the radio dial, very quickly, it is clear.

We are living in the wrong decade!  I think I would be ok with going back to the 1800s.  My wife may be thinking more of the early 1900s?  Not sure.

Yes I know God has us here and now for a reason.  I do not discount that one bit.  I was born here and now, not as an accident, but part of God’s providential plan.  I will accept it and honor Him in all that I do.  I will carry myself and lead my family in the world but not of the world.

What decade do you think you would be better suited for?

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