Take A Guess

Anyone care to guess where we went this weekend?

If you guessed tea party you’re right!

How about guessing how old this little guy will be this week?


 If you guessed 6 months, right you are again!

Guess who won third place with a story they wrote just recently?

B2 won third place with his story Floating Over Stones, he received a trophy and certificate this weekend at an awards ceremony.  He wore that bow tie, he’s declared himself a bow tie guy.

How about which one of these handsome guys won an archery contest at book club last week?

That’s B1, he’s got skills with a bow, apparently.

Guess who is 90% done with lesson plans for this coming school year?

That would be me, which is why I took last week off from blogging while my dear husband posted a few things for you.

That’s enough with the questions.

Tell us you you guys have been up to lately!


One thought on “Take A Guess

  1. We did our CAT tests, the most boring test ever!!! I did them for the sake of -we had to for the state, and this was one I could do at home. Every time we sat down to them the phone was ringing and the baby was crying! Next year, Gramma will help out with testing so we don’t have so much craziness during testing! We hope to do strawberries as soon as we have a few dry days in a row. No one wants to pick mushy berries!

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