Growing Up

It’s been such a blessing to watch my children grow up.

I must admit I love the baby stage.  The holding and snuggling, it soothes my soul.  The toddler stage has it’s challenges but you begin to see the first signs of personality, mixed in of course with toddler personality.  Preschoolers can be interesting, entertaining, and full of emotions. I’ve had school aged children for a few years now, they can run the gamut, full of initiative one day and unconcerned the next.

Now I feel us entering this new wonderful stage with my oldest.  He’s turning slowly from boy to man much like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon.  He’s still so very much a boy, playing with his siblings, acting in sometimes very foolish ways that children do.  But there are times when I see this glimmer like the rocking of the cocoon, this man trying to emerge.  The times where he chooses what is right, pursues activities that are pertinent, aims to be a help and not a hindrance.  He’s a deep thinker, hard worker, care taker and problem solver.

I stand back in awe, just as I would when watching a butterfly emerge.  It excites me when we enter a new phase of parenthood, yet I feel the pressure to parent better and better as the years roll on.  I pray for guidance as we seek the will of God for our young men and women and for all of you who are too on this journey we call parenthood!

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