Brownies and Exercise

For the first time I can remember I’ve had a really hard time getting back into a good routine of exercise after baby. He’s six months old now yet I just can’t bring myself to get up early and exercise like I have in the past.  I’m not normally one that struggles much with willpower.  I’ve always been a “suck it up and get it done” kinda girl.

Anyway, this week I decided I had to get back into the routine.  Even though I normally get some kind of walk in during the day, I needed to get back to my morning workout.  So I set the alarm for 6 am.  Monday I woke up at 5:55 am, turned the alarm off and headed downstairs.  I did  some yoga that worked out my abs. Did I mention that I had a baby 6 months ago?  Yeah my abs, not in the best working order of their life.  Tuesday I felt like I had been hit by a truck, in the abs of course.

Tuesday morning I did ab work again.  I have no idea why, possibly I forgot.  I was a glutton for punishment.  I secretly enjoyed the severe pain, I have no explanation.

Wednesday my abs still hurt, my ribs felt like they had been smashed, and my feet were cramping.  I dragged myself out of bed, the cat licked my feet, and then….. I smelled coffee.  My dad had left earlier and there was still coffee on, it smelled    so    good.  The house was quiet and the cat had even retired back to sleep.

My house is rarely quiet and when it is I’m not normally awake.  That’s when I remembered, ah…the brownies we had for dessert the night before.  I imagined this picturesque moment where I was eating brownies and drinking coffee alone in a quiet house.

I stumbled over to the remote, put on some 20 minute workout thing and grabbed some hand weights.

Then I shared the brownies with the kids at lunchtime, I mean you have to compromise sometimes right?

One thought on “Brownies and Exercise

  1. Ummm, do leg lifts while I blow dry my hair count for exercise?? Every time I try to exercise, something else demands my attention! I really do want a stronger core, and maybe one day it will happen. Now, I just do stretches and leg lifts, and some squats when I grab a minute. Cardio needs to be done sometime, oh well….coffee time !!! Caffeine will help heart rate..won’t it??? Have a good one!

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