Sad state of affairs

How can this be?  Can you believe that people actually believe that way?  I believe in equal rights for all people!  This is shameful NC!

Let’s take these arguments that anti Amendment One voters have been sharing and line them up against abortion.  Do you really believe in equal rights for everyone?  So, next year we can have an Amendment banning abortion and you will vote for it?

I do not appreciate everyone who jumps to the conclusion that I based my vote on an “obscure” verse in the Old Testament.  Questions like,”Do you eat Pork?”, “Do you wear mixed fibers?”, “Are you for stoning?” are regurgitated arguments that come from those who don’t know any better.

We vote from a Biblical Worldview.  I do not take scripture out of context or twist it around so that it will justify my sin.  I have read behind Biblical “scholars” that pick and choose scripture and interpret it how they want it to sound.

Love the sinner not the sin.  You may hate me for how I stand, but understand I do not take it personally.  You do not hate me, you are rejecting the Bible, you are rejecting the truth.

Christians, stay in the Word, stay in prayer.  Know what you believe, believe what you know.  Pray for our government, our leaders and those who stand against the word of God.

The More You Know……

2 thoughts on “Sad state of affairs

  1. A big AMEN!!! We live in a world where too many minority groups can push their agenda on the majority. An atheist group (atheists only make up .4% of our population) was successful in taking prayer out of schools. Now a minority group that only makes up 3-4% of the population has pushed their deviant lifestyle on modern culture with success. Yes it is a sad state of affairs!

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