Dear Mom,

I know that you had dreams of more babies to hold many years ago.  I realize the heartache you felt when those babies weren’t meant to be held in your arms.  Hold them you did, but you weren’t able to caress their little toes and kiss that sweet spot under their neck.  There aren’t pictures of them on the walls, no tiny shoes of theirs kept in a box, no first curls, or baby books.

There’s certainly no way that you could have known that mothering two children on this earth years apart would yield the grandchildren that tug at your legs today.

Motherhood is about sacrifice and that, you sure done your part of.  You loved and you lost and you’ve just kept on loving.  You taught us to love with a whole heart.  And, well, we all know love multiplies.  (see photo above) 🙂

In the end their have been more toes to play with and necks to kiss on then you could ever imagine.  And the love, it’s still going strong.  From the carefree laughs that you give to the toddlers funny words, to your concerned looks for the older kids trying out experiments in the backyard, to the whispers of love for the slobbery toothless babies rolling around on the floor.

God gave you the gift of love and there’s not doubt in my mind you’ll use every ounce he’s dosed out before this life is over.

Thank you mom for teaching us to love, for loving the sometimes unlovable, and for being a part of raising a generation who loves God.

We Love You!


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