First Day at the NCHE Conference

After a long morning of cleaning house and getting things ready for next week (our first week back at school), David and I headed to the Benton Convention Center for the NCHE Conference.  When we arrived the registration lines were pretty long, unless of course your last name begins with A-G, but I was surprised at how quickly we got through and were on our way to our first sessions.

I just love seeing all the babies strapped to mommies and immediately tried to figure out where all the duct tape swords were coming from.  Turns out there is a vendor at the bookstore Warfare by DuctTape (this is where my boys would scream for joy).  Since I still have a nursing baby who stayed at home today we were unable to spend too much time checking out the book fair, but I did manage to see a couple of cool vendors I haven’t seen before.  I was drawn to Sewing with the Sower booth, because well..we all know about my sewing deficiency.  I may have even had a slight desire to make my own bread after seeing The Grain Loft booth.  Don’t worry, my husband gave me the look, you know the one.  We’ve got baths to give now and babies to kiss, but I can’t wait to get back at it again tomorrow!

Check out how homeschooling has grown in our part of the state over the last three years.

The usual parking garage we park in was full this afternoon so we were diverted to one, which was actually closer.  I feared there were going to be a ton of people to fight through to get to the conference.  It wasn’t bad, but I ran into the “that person looks familiar, where do I know them from” syndrome.

We were a little late to the first sessions, but I think we both got some really great information to share.  We hope you enjoy the posts tonight!

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