Learning to Lead

I spent the second session of the day with Pastor Mark Fox in Learning to Lead.  His talk is a synopsis from his new book titled, A Faithful Man.

Mark had three main points during his session today.

– God has put it in the heart of every boy to be a leader

– God provides the resources and the people necessary for every little boy to grow up into a leader

– God has told us in His Word how to be a leader

After his session was over I looked down and had already taken 5 pages of notes.  Mark is that kind of speaker; great presence, great content.  He shared a few personal stories that meshed perfectly with his talk and assured that there were many more in his book.  I won’t share everything with you, but do strongly urge you to purchase his book.

I also walked away with a great reference on the four primary roles of a father.

Prophet, Priest, Protector and Provider

The prophet hears from God and communicates it to the people.  They are diligently seeking God’s word and seeking opportunities to share it.

The priest goes before his family on behalf of God and goes before God on behalf of his family.

The protector well, protects his family.  Not only physically, but from false doctrine, satan and the world.

The provider firstly provides a vision for his family.  Financial needs, spiritual needs, and future needs.

Pastor Mark closed with four take aways for the session.

– Consistent family devotions.  If you eat once a month how healthy would you be?

– Pray for your family.  He recommended Paul Miller’s A Praying Life.

– Dinner and conversation together as a famliy

– Prepare your “I love my Family Files”.  I thought this was just an important records box, but he went into a little detail with this.  He talked about how his included home repair numbers, will, and other documents/information that would make things easier in case of his passing.  He goes into more detail in his book.

I’m looking forward to another one of his sessions on Saturday 12:30 in South Main 1, Two Roosters in the Same House.  He does not have a booth at the Book Fair, but does have books available during his sessions.

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