The Challenges To Your Faith You Need To Know Are Coming

The first session I attended at the NCHE Conference was John Stonestreet’s The Challenges To Your Faith You Need To Know Are Coming.

You can read more about John and his work at Summit Ministries here.

John had three main points in his session:

– Who to trust in our age of information

– How to think in the age of distractions

– Who we are in an age of idolatry

“The most dangerous ideas in a society are not the ones being argued, but the ones that are assumed.” – C.S. Lewis

The battle over our minds are the definitions of words.  What do you mean by that word?  I believe in God.  Define believe.  I Love that girl.  Define Love.  He went into a great summary of how society has formed our definition of love as strong feelings that never go away.  Is that the real definition of love?

The good news is less people are getting divorced than in previous years.  The bad news is it is attributed to the lower number in people getting married.  More and more people are bypassing marriage and just living together.  He pointed the reasoning to this generation being the divorce generation.  They know first hand what a nasty thing divorce is and don’t even want to risk marriage.

John touched a little about what we have been going over in devotionals this past week, perpetual adolescence.  We are a people who enjoy stuff.  We judge this stuff by how it looks and how useful it is to us.  Now, how to we judge people?

John is dedicated to helping others form their Christian Worldview and closed with these three tips:

1 – Train students not just to have a personal faith, but a Christian Worldview
2 – Worldview is caught not taught.  We must practice what we preach.  No substitution for strong relationships.
3 – A vision for life, not just what we are against in life.

You will have many more opportunities to hear from John this weekend at the conference.  Head over to the NCHE Conference website to find out when and where.

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