Toddlers, Tween, and Teen, Oh My! (Session 1)

Toddlers, Tween, and Teen, Oh My!

Speaker – Heidi St. John

Anyone homeschooling more than one child can sympathize with the title of this session alone.  Heidi offered some great practical tips for multi-level teaching in a fun light hearted way.

Heidi suggested unit studies as one way of being able to teach everyone together without having to teach each child individually on each subject.  I would have to agree that when we do this in our homeschool, things tend to go much smoother.  Everyone tends to stay engaged more and there is less “downtime” for each child.

I for one, really appreciated when Heidi gave her tips on keeping records, which is something that I haven’t done too well thus far.  She suggested keeping a box in you school area in which each child puts each assignment they complete into.  About once a quarter or when she has time, she sorts the assignments by child and picks the best ones to go into their notebook.  The notebook then stays with the child each year with samples of the work.  This makes record keeping sound much more doable to me, I’m actually excited about implementing this.  She stressed the necessity of this especially for high school aged kids planning to go to college.

In short this was a great first session and I’m hoping to catch more sessions from Heidi St. John.  If you’re interested in hearing more on this topic you can find Heidi St. John here, along with her books The Busy Homeschool Mom’s Guide to Daylight, Words Along the Way, The Busy Homeschool Mom’s Guide to Romance.

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