Day 2, Alternate Title – Whew

We woke up bright and early, got the kids dressed and fed, and pulled into the keynote with time to spare….. in a perfect world…..

I will admit when the alarm went off this morning I woke up, asked my wife if she wanted me to get a shower first, then fell back asleep before she answered.  Needless to say we didn’t start off on time this morning.  After the hour drive and finally finding a parking spot we came into the keynote almost an hour late.

The keynote, Teaching Your Children with Your Grandchildren in Mind, with Voddie Baucham was standing room only.  I know this because we barely found a spot inside the auditorium.  After a few minutes in we found out why.  Voddie is a dynamic speaker with a great message.  We will definitely be purchasing a CD of his other talks.

When asked at the end, “What age do you think is an appropriate age to stop spanking?” He gave a classic answer.  “Never, that’s like telling the enemy when you are going to retreat.”  Voddie later added, “If my momma came in right now and tried to spank me I’d probably let her.”

Casey and I split up from there.  She attended the session with Heidi St. John that she blogged about earlier.  I went to The Root of Riches—How to Train Your Family to Think Differently about Money, Possessions and True Riches, Chuck Bentley.  Chuck started off giving some of his background which really resonated with me.  His talk comes from his book with the same name, The Root of Riches.

Chuck started out with a quote that really hit home.

“The cause and solution to my money problems lie within my heart”

Then we looked at our financial state on a global scale.  $20,000 is considered Globally Rich.  What are our definitions of financially rich?

We then broke down 1 Timothy 6:10.

 For the love of money is the root of all evil:…

We focused on the word root.

For a tree to produce good fruit the root system must be healthy.  If left in a natural state, let to themselves, people will gravitate to love of money, love of self and love of pleasure.  This will become their root system.  These roots produce bad fruits.  We shouldn’t focus on behaviors, we need to focus on the heart issues.

Number 2, Bentley left us with this non-negotiable truth.  I must align my beliefs with God’s Word to produce behaviors that will make me truly rich.

Number 3, I must act upon and apply spiritual truth in order to receive true riches.

Next, Casey and I came back together to go to The Busy Homeschool Mom’s Guide™ to Daytime: How to Fit Your Size 16 Day into a Size 10, Heidi St. John.

This was a really good overview of what your priorities should be.  Don’t let your schedule become your master.  The big takeaway I got from this session was the illustration of an archer and the parallel of our children growing.  We should treat our children like arrows.

Psalm 127:4 – As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth.

The world pushes kids further and further away with independence until they are out of the home.  We should treat them like an archer treats arrows.  Bring them in, closer and closer, until we finally launch them out.  Just like with the bow this will create tension but this is a crucial time to have them treat us as advisers.

This meshed well with the final session we went to with Hal and Melonie Young, Homeschooling Is Not Enough.  We have been following their ministry at Raising Real Men for a few years now.  They likened our children growing into adulthood like a relay race.  We need to pass the baton.  So many times we want to pass the baton, but hold on to it to make sure that they will be ok.  How are our children going to run a successful race for themselves if we are still holding onto the baton?

I liked their presentation and the back and forth style of the presenting.  A central theme to their session was why older homeschool kids are walking away from the gospel they have been taught.  One of the core reasons that many are pointing to is that we have blurred doctrine and preference.  We train our kids by what the Bible says.  The problem with this comes in when they become old enough to do what we have taught them, find the answers in the Bible.  Wait, what mom and dad told me isn’t really in the Bible.

If our family has a preference for or against something make it known that it is a family preference and why.  If our family does something or doesn’t do something because it is or isn’t Biblical show them where in the Bible.

This is something that really hits home.  We have been guilty of this.  We tell them because the Bible says so, but fail to show them exactly where in the Bible it says it.

It was a busy day of sessions and whirlwind loops through the book fair.  The best time of the day was eating Mellow Mushroom in our hotel room together and after dinner Starbucks trip.  The encounter with a young homeschool boy in the elevator was great also.  He shared his plans for the night complete with yes sirs and no sirs.  Well done homeschool parents, whomever you are!

Looking forward to day 3 tomorrow!


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