Two Roosters in the Same House

After a long and tiring Friday today was a little bit of a slower pace.  After spending time in the book store and lunch we headed over to our last session of the day.  Pastor Mark Fox was speaking on young men growing into manhood under their dad’s care and leadership.

His five sons joined him on stage and shared personal stories about their relationship.  This was a powerful message that really hit home.  Just like every year, we came to get energized about home schooling and what we can change with the kids to make it better.  Just like every year though, God speaks to me on the things that I need to change to make it a better year.  I’m thankful for Mark and the other speakers for letting God use them to speak to the attendees.

The biggest take away that I got from him was instilling in them a good work ethic.  Give them hard work and keep them occupied so that idleness doesn’t set in.  It was a great session to end the conference with, kind of a charge to leave with.

I have a few take aways from the conference that I will share later on in the week.  Have a great Memorial Day!

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