In Which Being a Pet Owner Makes Me Feel Dumb

My kids pointed out these strange evenly spaced bumps on the cat’s tummy tonight.  I took a look, had no idea what they were but the kids went to bed with the agreement that we would Google it later tonight.  I’m sure you are smarter than we are and already know where this is going. Courage seemed to know exactly what they were and didn’t seem too worried.

Turns out that…yeah, males cats have those too, just like male humans do.  In our defense, they do have a lot more.  So there you go, just another reason why I like babies more than animals.  At least I understand their anatomy.  I’m almost certain the cat thinks we are dumb.

2 thoughts on “In Which Being a Pet Owner Makes Me Feel Dumb

  1. We have cats too, and of course that question comes up alot! Is Sunny (male) going to have kittens? No..But he has….I know….why does he have them too? I don’t know!! Oh well, I guess kids have to know sometime or another that we don’t have all the answers!!

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