Mind Dump Monday – Schools In For Summer

We’re back in session here and so far the year is going pretty well.  Technically we’ve only been back at it for a week, but I’m staying optimistic.  We’ve changed things up a bit this year with the addition of a Kindergartner.  This is the first year we’ve had to split on some subjects since B1 and B2 have always done the same grade level work.  We’ve switched to a computer program for math that is working out splendidly thus far.  The older boys are able to do their math lessons on the computer while I work with B3.  We’ve also added some time to our day.  We used to be done with school before lunchtime each day.  Now we break for lunch around 11am and head back up for another hour or so after lunch.  Or head to the porch, if the day is beautiful like today, to finish up history/science and music appreciation/art.

I’m reading Charlotte’s Web to B3, he likes the name Wilbur.

Our pool hasn’t opened yet for the summer. We were hoping to enjoy it some before public school got out, but it doesn’t look like that will happen.

B5 is doing the army crawl to get around these days.  I’ve also caught him pulling up on things several times.

B4 wore a tiara to church yesterday.  Really, who am I to tell a princess she must leave her tiara at home?

Our straw bale garden is still growing, we’re hoping that it produces something for us this year.

B5 still wakes at night to eat.  It’s probably my fault, I haven’t really pushed the issue with him too much.  It’s okay, he’ll probably sleep through the night some year.  He also tells me “hey” at 2am, who can resist that.

Speaking of my little one, looks like my time is up.  Have a great week everyone!

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