Let Me In!

We had a great time a couple of weeks ago in Winston-Salem at the home school conference.  Friday was very busy with sessions and visits to the book fair.  When we got there we had to circle the convention center a few times before we could find a parking garage that wasn’t full.  The hotel we were staying in was connected to where the conference was being held but we couldn’t check in until later that afternoon.

We walked to the registration area and moved on to the keynote session.  A little later in the day we walked over to the hotel and checked in and took a short breather in the room.  We were close to the top on the 16th floor, room 1606.  After a short time I called ahead and ordered some carry out for later on that night.  Then we headed back to the conference.

We were spent and it was time to pick up food.  We walked a few blocks, Casey had B5 strapped in the carrier and I had a full backpack on my back.  I waited in line a while to pick our food up and finally got our order.  We then went to our car, a few blocks away, and moved it to a closer parking garage.  Then we finally made it to our hotel.  We were tired and very hungry.  Luggage, baby, bags and food in hand we waited patiently for the elevator and trudged to the sixth floor.  Off the elevator, take a right, last room down the hall, room 606.  Slide the key, red light.  Slide the key again, red light.  Shake the handle, slide the key, shake the handle, red light.

Casey standing there with B5 turning into spider monkey mode at this point holding the food and the luggage.  I went off to get another key.  Down the elevator to the front desk.  “My key isn’t working.”  “What room?” “…….1606” “Here is your key”

I went back up to the sixth floor and informed Casey we were on the wrong floor.  Long day…..long day.  We finally made it to the 16th floor, enjoyed our meal and had some very relaxing down time.

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