Summer Evening Activites

We love summer evenings around these parts.  When supper is over we head out as soon as possible to enjoy some time together.  Here’s a list of some of our favorite ways to enjoy the extended daylight.

– desserts outdoors – From S’mores to our easy homemade sherbet we loving enjoying our desserts outside.

– hide and go seek – We haven’t done this in a while but a few years ago we used to go out and play hide and go seek in the dusk of the evening.

– water play – It could be the pool, water balloons, sprinklers, the hose, or a family car washing when the heat is on we find the water.

– family walk – When the heat begins to subside in the late evening we love to take family walks around the neighborhood.

– games – We try to find games that every age can participate in.  Roll-a-bat is always fun or some kind of funny relay that we make up.

– nature walks – This is different from a family walk. Here we actually look for specific things in nature.  Bugs, birds, trees, sometimes we have a list or we just think of things for the kids to go look for.  For little guys it can be as simple as “go find three sticks all the same size”.

– hunting- Of course the most common would be lighting bugs, but if you happen to be at the beach you could always try sand fleas. 🙂

Now it’s your turn.  Tell us some of your favorite evening outdoor activities.


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