Choose Your Own Adventure

I feel it start to happen and it’s only the third week of school.  The gnawing feeling that we need to hurry up so that we can get to this and that before we quit for the day.

The baby starts crying early and I feel deflated.  School goes pretty smoothly while baby sleeps but when he wakes it’s a whole new ballgame.  Suddenly the focus shifts to the little scooter doing his thing across the floor chasing after the cat’s tail.

I slow down and take a breath.

These are the times of the day when I feel at a crossroads.  A choose your own adventure of sorts.  If I get huffy and demand that they hurry up with writing the Latin roots and stop admiring the “cool” spider in the window things will get ugly, quick.  The schoolwork may get done, but what have I lost in the meantime.  Later that day when I notice an older brother losing his patience with his little sister, I’m reminded of exactly what I’ve lost.

If I spend 30 minutes in the morning to talk about Grace and offer none of it the rest of the day, what have I really accomplished?

I pick up my babbling scooter and give him some love.  We pet the cat together, and we declare Latin done for the day.  The days may be long, but we have to choose to love the journey.  It’s not always an easy choice, and it’s not always going to be the most efficient.  Sometimes it won’t even get the house cleaned.

He continues to teach me these lessons.  I continue to choose the wrong adventure but when I choose the right one instead, there is such a blessing to be had.

One thought on “Choose Your Own Adventure

  1. Oh how true, and thus is my dilemma each day. I am reminded all too often through how my children treat each other, at how I lack in my own character. It is a great reminder, but never a good one.

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