Today I Learned

We are in a constant state of learning.  Each day we should learn some new fact or skill.  We should never get to the point where we think we know everything.  Some days your whole world is rocked though because a fact you just knew was true has been proved false.

Casey went out Saturday and bought a new swim shirt for B4.  She is outgrowing it a bit and we didn’t want a burned belly running around.  I looked at the tags and had a slight laugh at the typo on the tag.  The tag read Ultra Violet Protection.  I even pointed it out.  Look Casey, this shirt protects from a very extreme shade of purple.  She kind of gave her “fake, this is not funny David laugh” and went on.

She then called me out on it after I pressed further.  “What is wrong with it?”  “It says Ultra Violet!”  I responded.   “Yeah, what’s funny about that?”

“It’s supposed to be Ultra Violent Rays!”

Then the real laughter came.  Of course I had to go to Google to get the real story.  I have been going through life since the days of my young sunburned self believing that the sunscreen was protecting me from “Ultra Violent Rays”.  Instead it was in fact protecting me from Ultra Violet Rays.

What would scare you more Ultra Violet Rays or Ultra Violent Rays?  I blame it on my parents,  yeah that sounds good!

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